steel fencing

Get The Steel Tubing You Need

Steel tubing is a universal oilfield component that can be reused in numerous applications, and here at Varner Pipe we have it both new and used. Ranging in size from 1 ⅜” up to 3 ½” with an unmatched versatility in-between, our most requested sizes are 2 ⅜” & 2 ⅞”.


Fences, fence posts, H braces, sheds, corrals, cattle pens, horse pens, deer stands, and pole barns are all common steel tubing projects on farms, ranches and even on deer leases. It’s structurally sound, readily available and easy to weld. Plus, steel tubing structures can last almost indefinitely.

Home Structure

Homeowners find steel tubing a key to successful carport builds. Impervious to weather, it can be left exposed or hidden behind a decorative façade. When it comes to metal buildings, steel tubing can provide the skeleton that holds everything else together.

Professional fence builders rely on Varner Pipe to keep a large stock of steel tubing at both of our yards. We have pre-cut fence posts ready to go, and we can deliver to your job site. As a contractor, you know time is money, and Varner Pipe has the material you need to keep you on the job, not out looking for material.

Varner Pipe provides steel tubing for downhole oil field projects, and recovered tubing for countless other applications. We have the sizing, quality options and expertise you need for your next project.

Sizes Available

1 ⅜”, 1 ⅝”, 1 ⅞”, 2 ⅟16”, 2 ⅜”, 2 ⅞”, 3 ½”

Let us know what you’re looking to accomplish and we’ll be glad to share our experience from working on similar projects. We can even recommend fencing contractors if you need a professional’s touch.