steel pipe

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Have a big project? You may need some steel pipe. Ranging in size from 4 ½” diameter up to 30 inches, it’s the big pipe favored in commercial real estate projects.

Commercial projects like to use steel pipe instead of wood because pipe will last. Any project that has to be below the soil line can rot or rust, but insects can eat lumber away and cause it to lose its structural value. Steel pipe lasts, and also helps in the event of a fire by helping to slow the spread. Consider using steel pipe for your next project.

Safe Solutions

Some states and municipalities require bollards or barriers at store front entrances to prevent crashing vehicles into those stores. Those same bollards also keep vehicles from impacting gas pumps and provide numerous benefits over traditional barriers. Steel bollards allow access to pedestrians, bicycles, etc., while providing the associated safety enhancements to a facility.

Lasting Structure

Steel pipe is used as sign poles, both at the corner store and for billboards on the interstate. The tough body allows the pipe to handle the weight and the elements, making it a great decision for long-term advertising. It makes for long lasting culverts with excellent load bearing capabilities. Not only can you have a culvert that will last almost forever, you can save money going this route. Commonly used for piers and in foundations, steel pipe provides a solid value proposition in almost any situation.

Being in the steel pipe business as long as we have, we’ve seen our products used to create bridges over ditches and creeks, flag poles, boat docks, foundations, gate entrances, bridge railings, and fences. Steel pipe is versatile, durable, and dependable.

In the oilfields when the drilling is initially done, steel pipe is used in order to maintain the well bore, to give structural integrity and to keep the entire operation up and going. The first and most important step in any downhole operation is to get the casing set, and Varner Pipe stocks the sizes and grades to keep you running smooth.

All that aside, maybe our favorite use of oilfield steel pipe is building BBQ pits and smokers! At least it’s the tastiest! Hungry for some ideas or help? Just let us know today!