Hydrostatic testing for tubing and casing, Delivery and Forklift Services. Serving the DIY, Professional Contractor & Oilfield. Making your project easier.


Have a Do-It-Yourself project to knock out? Varner Pipe is here to help. Countless customers depend on us for the material they need. From swing sets to farm and ranch fencing, we’re happy to help you with your DIY project no matter how big or small it is! We’ll even cut the pipe to your required lengths if you need us to. We always have a variety of pipe sizes on hand and available up to 30 inches in diameter.
Building a fence? Along with pipe caps to keep the rain out and cable clips to attach both cable and sucker rods to your posts on a pipe fence, we have pre-cut lengths for fence posts. And if you find yourself in over your head, we work with a wide variety of fence builders and contractors. We would be happy to recommend a contractor to help you with your project at no charge.
Let’s get started!

Professional Contractor

If you’re a contractor, you’re not just sourcing project pipe. We understand that your work supports the dreams and needs of your own clients. They count on you like you can count on Varner Pipe. We’ve seen all kinds of creative custom projects from contractors across the country who have chosen us. Lean on our experience supplying pipe for countless custom projects just like other contractors across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Tennessee. That experience pays dividends when it is time to build.
You’re not stuck with whatever lengths we have sitting in the yard. We’ll happily cut whatever size of pipe to the lengths you need. Have a fencing project to knock out? We help you take efficiency to a whole new level with our pre-cut fence posts, pipe caps and cable clips on hand. We’re ready, are you?


Whether you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, a professional contractor or an oilfield foreman, getting the pipe you need to the place you need it can be challenging. Everyone understands the headaches of renting or borrowing a trailer, so why bother? For a nominal fee, Varner Pipe makes moving your pipe hassle free. In fact, using our delivery service can save you both time and money, and isn’t dependent on how much pipe you need delivered. We deliver everything from semi-trailer loads using our own trucks and trailers right down to a single fence post handed to you off our pickup truck. Just let us know what you need and where you need it.
If you’re in the oilfield, sometimes you need materials removed offsite. Varner Pipe purchases tubing, pipe and oilfield equipment including pumping units. We will come to your location, purchase the materials, load them with our own forklifts onto our trucks or trailers and haul it back to our yards without any extra hassle for you.

Oil Field

Demand for oil field pipe fluctuates, but no matter the market we consistently provide the quality pipe and services you need to keep things going.
We have the personnel and equipment to get to work when it comes to hydrostatic testing for tubing and casing on any size from 1” tubing to 8⅝” casing. Rattling, drifting, and testing can be done for tubing both onsite or in our yard, and we drifting and test casing up to 8 ⅝” both at our yard or on remote location.
We also have the option to rent out strings of both RDT tubing and DT casing in order to meet whatever demands come down the road for your oilfield needs, and we also have pipe racks that we can rent out in order to keep you from having to buy a set that you won’t use forever.
Let’s partner together to make things happen on your lease.

Forklift Services

Sometimes life happens, and the need for a forklift comes along. Varner Pipe can help with those instances, with our remote loading and unloading service. We will ship one of our forklifts to whatever location you need, and help with the loading and unloading of whatever pipe or oilfield equipment is needed. Our team of professional drivers can meet your needs with our all-terrain articulated wheeled loaders.

Contact us here to let us know when and where you need our services.