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There’s a lot more you can do with these simple steel rods than you might imagine. Twenty-five feet in length, sucker rods are available in ⅝”, ¾”, ⅞” and 1” diameters. That makes for all kinds of versatility, from do-it-yourself rustic art projects to professional fencing jobs, and everything in between.

Countless farms and ranches use sucker rods to build both fencing and gates. Some sucker rod-based gates are simple, while others are ornamental and complex.  Hinges using sucker rods are durable enough to last, and make for a finished look.

A Great Finished Look

Fences made out of sucker rods are used by many of the horse ranches we have here in Texas, preventing the horses from getting injured on barbed wire. Since sucker rods are made of steel, there’s practically no maintenance except for an occasional coat of paint. A sucker rod fence also makes a good first impression when pulling up to any property due to the contrast between the top rail and body of the fence itself.

When you are planning your fence project, consider Varner Pipe and consider using sucker rods. They run both straight and strong, providing stability and structural integrity.

Custom Options

Our sucker rods have been used for decorative work as well, from finishing touches on gateways, to metal artwork in general.

Of course, sucker rods are designed for use on an oil field pumping units. They go downhole to bring up oil or water out of a well. So naturally, we provide both reconditioned and field-run sucker rods for oil and gas completions.

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